Over the years, Engineering institutions in Jamaica have existed under various names, with the earliest known organization being the Jamaica Association of Professional Engineers, in the 1940’s.

The main objectives of this association at that time, were the advancement of Engineering knowledge, the promotion and maintenance of a high standard of work in the Engineering field, and to promote the recognition of the Engineers’ importance to the welfare of every community. It also sought to guarantee professional integrity and to protect the Engineer.

Later on, from 1960 to 1966, the Joint Group of Professional Engineers was formed. This was made up essentially of Jamaican Engineers, who were corporate members of the various existing professional engineering institutions in the United Kingdom.

In 1966, this group was formed into the Institution of Engineers, Jamaica. In the early 1970’s, a second and competing association, the Jamaica Association of Engineers was formed, promoting less demanding requirements for corporate membership.However, after some years of discussion, negotiation and compromise, in 1977, Jamaican Engineers were finally united by a merger between the two organizations, under a new name, the JAMAICA INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS, which is the current Institution.